corporeality and the metropolis
Multi-media performance

Zeena Parkins electric harp, sampler -----Janene Higgins video mix

"The body and its environment produce each other as forms
of the hyperreal, as modes of simulation which have overtaken
and transformed whatever reality each may have had
into the image of the other: the city is made and made into a
simulacrum of the body, and the body, in its turn, is transformed,
'citified', urbanized as a distinctively metropolitan body."

Elizabeth Grosz, Bodies-Cities

"All art is erotic."
Adolf Loos

Electric harp, processors, multiple projections, cameras:
Zeena Parkins and Janene Higgins perform a live music/live video duet.
Parkins continues her sonic research on her one-of-a-kind harp,
while Higgins uses two video mixers as performance instruments.

Arch considers the human body and its penetration
into architecture and the urban landscape
The piece premiered at Roulette, New York City, in May 2000
as part of their Festival of Mixology.

The development of Archwas partially funded by a grant
from The Experimental Television Center, which is supported
in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.

Performance at Location One

images from Arch

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